Ages 16 and Up

This PEAK Training program is available for elite athletes who aspire to compete at the collegiate, Olympic and/or professional level.



Delivered in semi-private sessions, this high-level training program identifies the speed and strength skills that are necessary for an athlete to reach their potential at a specific sport.  Workouts are based on the athlete’s sport and individual needs.


PEAK athletes will work with specific Performance Coaches.  Remote/online training is an option for PEAK athletes who aren’t able to physically train in our facility at least twice a week.


Training sessions customize for each athlete based on sport and individual needs.

Sessions are 1 hour long and are available 5 to 6 days per week.

Semi-privat training. No more that 4 athletes per trainer.


Pricing options to meet all budgets and time constraints. Unlimited and class package options available

Classes available 5-6 days per week. Online booking available up to 2 hours before class start time.

Have questions? Review our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information on our programs.



PEAK Training






Active Dynamic Warm-up



Speed and/or strength training exercises based on athlete’s needs



Foam Rolling, Stretching, Power Plate




An Athlete Evaluation is required before placement in our youth program.  The evaluation is free and consists of a battery of speed and strength tests.  After completing the Evaluation, a FREE trial class for the appropriate program will be provided.

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